Western psychology and psychiatry are commonly assumed to have universal validity, applying to everyone regardless of their cultural background or traditions. This assumption has long been challenged from the fringes of these disciplines and from the psychologies that have developed outside of the mainstream Western traditions. These alternative understandings of the mind take into account culturally-relative factors affecting psychological perspectives.

In this event, Rasjid Skinner presents his insights into the philosophy and methodology of psychology from an Islamic perspective. He explains its principles and therapeutic aims, based mainly on Al-Ghazali’s models of the Self and the implications this has for understanding mental illness and its diagnosis and treatment.

About The Speaker

Hadj Abdur Rasjid Skinner

Hadj Abdur Rasjid Skinner works with Ihsaan, a Bradford based project that offers Islamically-based psychological therapies. He lectures at Sheffield University, and at the Cambridge Muslim College. He is visiting professor in clinical psychology to the University of Karachi. He is author of the paper ‘An Islamic Approach to Psychology and Mental Health’.