In the chaos of the post-war period, a new crisis was formed; one that was to shape the 20th century in ways that could never be predicted and to which a solution has yet to be found.

The proposed partition of Palestine in 1947 into separate Jewish and Arab states was supposed to solve this problem; a two-state solution that envisaged Israel and Palestine coexisting peacefully next to each other. However, what followed was decades of war and bloody conflict, suggesting that this vision may never be a reality.

Join Teodora Todorova as she explores the possibility of peace in a region long beset by seemingly intractable tensions.

About The Host

Teodora Todorova

Dr Teodora Todorova is based in the Department of Sociology at the University of Warwick. She researches theories and practices of ethical and political responsibility in the context of ethno-nationalist conflict. Her work has examined decolonial solidarity activism in Palestine-Israel, and civil society responses to gendered violence in post-conflict Bosnia-Herzegovina.