Recommended for Key Stage 3 (ages 12+)

Join Jeffrey Boakye as he provides an insight into Black History, talking about three songs featured in his book Musical Truth. Jeffrey also encourages young people to explore songs that have relevance in their own lives and to consider why they relate to them.

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If you have enjoyed this film, why not try these activities:

  • Watch this video poem by Bacary ‘Bax’ Mundoba from Back to Ours.
    • Bacary ‘Bax’ Mundoba says in the video Afro-Codhead – “I‘ve made my own box, ‘cos most poeple haven’t walked a foot in my socks.”
    • What do you think he means?
  • Use Jeffrey’s top tips in the video to think about people’s experiences and stories that come from a song of your choice.

About The Author

Jeffrey Boakye

Jeffrey Boakye is a writer, teacher and music enthusiast originally from Brixton, London. His books include Hold Tight and Black, Listed. He is also the co-author of What is Masculinity? Why Does it Matter? And Other Big Questions. Jeffrey lives in East Yorkshire with his wife and two sons.