This illuminating tour will lift the veil of history and show you how Bradford’s Jewish population came to live in and transform the city.

Arriving from the 1820s onwards and settling in the once wealthy Manningham area of the city, the growing community of German Jews had a huge impact on both cultural and commercial life, contributing to Bradford’s transformation from small regional town to major industrial capital.

Historian, Nigel Grizzard, will lead you around what was once known as the Jewish Quarter, sharing stories of the original merchant princes who helped put the city on the map, including war poet, Humbert Wolfe, and artist, Sir William Rothenstein, who painted portraits of the likes of Oscar Wilde and Albert Einstein. It’s a chance to look beyond the everyday and into a past life of this historic city.

The tour will start inside Bradford Synagogue and will include a walk of up to two miles, finishing back where it started. Comfortable footwear and weather-appropriate clothing are advised.

About The Host

Nigel Grizzard

Nigel Grizzard is a tour guide and heritage expert. He takes tours of Bradford specialising in the city’s Jewish heritage and the merchants who came to Bradford and helped it to become the Wool Capital of the World. Originally from London, Nigel moved North for work and has been here ever since.