Arthur is the king who never left us. The Arthurian legend is embedded in centuries of British history and literature and historians and enthusiasts have scoured the British Isles in search of physical evidence of the famous Camelot, home to King Arthur and his knights. 

Last year’s festival launched Simon Keegan’s Pennine Dragon, which argued that the real King Arthur was a chieftain from the York area, Arthwys ap Mar.

Simon’s latest book, The Lost Book of King Arthur reveals the ancient written source that proves King Arthur’s origin as a Northern King. It identifies two of Arthur’s famous “Grails” that are inscribed with his final battle, his final resting place and Dragon title, giving photographs of the locations where you can go and see them.

Join Event Chair Iain Bloomfield and Simon Keegan as he talks about a very real King Arthur whose legendary Grails can be located right on our doorstep in the north of England.

About The Speaker

Simon Keegan

Simon Keegan has travelled to all of the UK and France’s key Arthurian sites and spent many years researching the history and legends. A professional journalist for 19 years, he currently works for the ‘Daily Mirror’ and has previously worked for The Metro, the Daily Express, the Big Issue and is the former editor of the Salford Advertiser. He is married with two children and lives in Cheshire. ‘Pennine Dragon’ is his first book.

About The Chair

Iain Bloomfield

Iain Bloomfield is the outgoing Artistic Director and Head of Arts at the University of Bradford.  He has a thirty (plus) year career making and developing new performance work in theatres and community spaces. He will continue to do a lot more of that when he leaves.