With the digital age moving industries and technology at a rapid pace we will find in the near future that many current jobs—and even entire corporations—will no longer exist. How do we keep up amidst all this bewildering change?

Business consultant and author Neil Gibb shows how we as a society are at a turning point, much like the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution, and in this new world order, passive consumers are being replaced by active participants. Gibb will discuss his new book, The Participation Revolution, which explains how those who catch the swell early prosper, while those who don’t get left behind.

About The Author

Neil Gibb

Neil Gibb is a business consultant and social innovator. Building on his recent talk at TEDxBradford he will share some insights and tools on how to thrive in a time of turbulent social and economic change. In 2018 Neil published The Participation Revolution,  a WHSmith’s and Amazon bestseller.