Jill Nalder’s empowering and heartbreaking story inspired Russell T. Davies’ Channel 4 hit It’s a Sin, and audiences will get to hear it first hand, as she celebrates the release of her new memoir, Love from the Pink Palace

An aspiring actress, Nalder was quickly welcomed by drag queens and big dreamers in 1980s London before rumours of a new illness known as the ‘gay flu’ quickly gave way to the terror of the AIDS pandemic. 

During this event, Nalder will discuss her time balancing an acting career with AIDS awareness campaigning, sharing the untold stories of the young men that were tragically lost along the way.

About The Authors

Headshot of author Jill Nalder stood in front of a backdrop of trees

Jill Nalder

Jill Nalder is originally from Neath, South Wales. She is a successful West End actress and was the inspiration behind Jill Baxter’s character in Russell T. Davies’ Channel 4 programme IT’S A SIN. She was also one of the founders and first chairperson of West End Cares, now called Theatre MAD: Make A Difference. To date the charity has raised over £10 million for HIV/AIDS. 

Headshot of author, Adam Zmith

Adam Zmith

Adam Zmith is always writing a novel. He is the writer and producer of The Film We Can’t See podcast series from the BBC, co-producer of The Log Books podcast, and co-director of the podcast production companyAunt Nell. Adam programmes literature events for Fringe! Queer Film & ArtsFest. His non-fiction bookDeepSniff: A History of Poppers and Queer Futures came out in September 2021 from Repeater Books. He was previously a journalist and audience engagement editor at The Economist.