Based on her picaresque, autobiographical and, dare we say, freewheeling novel ‘Through the Weather Glass’, in which a modern day Icarus and a talking bicycle journey through a world beset by climate change, Lucy Burnett’s art installation will require your participation.

You’ll be able to flick through an artist’s book, view climate-collage photos, weave fresh feathers into Icarus’ wings and pedal a bicycle to power a display showing the route Burnett took on her journey from Salford to Ikaria as she wrestled with her own views on climate change. The installation asks us to develop a more playful, optimistic take on a changing world than the current doom-laden norm and consider how we could travel through climate change, Alice-style, instead of simply staring at our reflections in the weather glass.

About The Author

Lucy Burnett

Lucy Burnett is a writer-artist-performer based in West Yorkshire. She has two books, a poetry collection called ‘Leaf Graffiti’ and a hybrid, genre-cutting novel ‘Through the Weather Glass’, with a new poetry collection forthcoming. Lucy teaches creative writing at Leeds Beckett University.