Do you think you could understand Nietzsche’s philosophies in the course of one lunchtime? We certainly do! To help us, we have Lauren Ware, philosophy lecturer at the University of Kent and our resident Nietzsche expert, who will synthesise the great thinker’s thoughts into a concise, easy-to-understand talk.

In this short but information-packed event, Ware will discuss the basic tenets of Nietzsche’s ideas and philosophies, including his famous proclamation that “God is dead”.

This fun, engaging short is perfect for beginners and thinkers who want a basic introduction to this giant of Western philosophy.

About The Speaker

Lauren Ware

Lauren Ware is a Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Kent and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Her current work is in the philosophy of emotions, in particular the role emotions play in political and legal decision-making. She recently performed her research at the Edinburgh Fringe.