It’s not necessary to completely overhaul your exercise routine or diet to make a big impact on your health and well-being. According to Vybarr Cregan- Reid, small changes like walking more and being outdoors regularly can transform your body significantly over time.

In his eye-opening new book, Primate Change, he takes a wide-ranging look at where humans came from, who we are today, and how modern technology will change us beyond recognition. This interactive event will also feature an audience Q&A, encouraging all of us to take careful notice of our bodies and our environment, and make changes towards a more active, engaged lifestyle.

About The Author

Vybarr Cregan-Reid

Vybarr Cregan-Reid is an author and academic who has written widely on the subjects of literature, health, nature and the environment. His current book is ‘Primate Change: How the World We Made is Remaking Us’ – which has also been adapted for a series on the BBC World Service.