Are you a fan of The Godfather? Or simply unsure as to what the fuss is about? If so, this is an event you can’t afford to miss!

Join Saeed Khan as he marks the 50th anniversary of the release of The Godfather. This movie ranks as one of the most popular and critically acclaimed of all time. It has also become firmly ensconced in our contemporary culture, through its memorable and easily recognisable dialogue, complex characters and compelling plotline.

The Godfather continues to awe and entertain viewers half a century later, and serves as the source of the genre of organised crime, including Goodfellas, Casino, The Sopranos and, of course, its own legendary sequels.

About The Speaker

Saeed Khan

Saeed Khan is Senior Lecturer of Near East & Asian Studies and Global Studies of Wayne State University in Detroit, as well the Research Fellow of its Center for the Study of Citizenship. His latest publications include Global Studies: A Reader on Issues and Institutions and What’s Going on Here: US Experiences of Islamophobia between Obama and Trump, co-authored with Saied R. Ameli.