‘Brexit means Brexit,’ says Prime Minister Theresa May. But what happens next?

During the referendum campaign, the government promised a better-funded NHS and the potential for more Commonwealth immigration. The promise was all about “taking back control”, but the early signs are of storm clouds and not sunny uplands, as the UK embarks on a path towards a hard Brexit.

Farmers, scientists and many on low incomes will lose access to important EU funding sources and leaving the single market may well lead to higher prices. In the worst case, Brexit could spell the beginning of the end of the United Kingdom if Scotland and Northern Ireland decide they would rather be in the EU than the UK.

Join Ehsan Masood, editor of Research Fortnight, as he puts on his tin hat and ventures into the biggest political earthquake that Britain has seen in 40 years.

About The Speaker

Ehsan Masood

Ehsan Masood is a science journalist and editor of Research Fortnight. His books include The Great Invention: The Story of GDP and the Making and Unmaking of the Modern World and Science and Islam: A History. He is chair of trustees of the Muslim Institute Trust and teaches science and innovation policy at Imperial College.