In this crafty workshop, learn to create a personalised book cover for your very own book of spells or “Grimoire”, using a variety of arts and crafts techniques, including texturing with paper and tissue overlay.

You might be inspired to use a selection of magical images, symbols and text that appeal to your magical inner-self, tapping into the invisible spirit worlds and adding magic and sparkle with glitter and other 2D and 3D elements.

Inside, you can even create customised pages by writing personalised spells and incantations and using universal symbols such as the sun, moon and stars.

Come and connect to your inner witch or wizard!

About The Host

Mussarat Rahman

Mussarat Rahman is a Bradford based visual artist, multi-disciplined, working across all mediums from painting drawing to 3D and 2D. She is also a qualified community practitioner delivering community events and projects and  freelancing across West Yorkshire delivering bespoke workshops. The other side of Mussarat’s life involves the magic and mystery of spiritual arts, she is a designer and maker of original designs married across cultural and spiritual ideologies.