Though manga was created two centuries ago in Japan, it has gone on to capture the imaginations of comic book fans around the world.

Now you can go from manga fan to manga artist in a two-hour drawing workshop with Irina Richards of Sweatdrop Studios. In each poetry-inspired session, participants will adapt poems into comics centred on the theme of heroes (have a favourite poem in mind? Feel free to bring it along!).

Perfect for anyone who sees the beauty in a comic book panel and dreams in thought bubbles, this event will introduce beginners to the vibrant world of manga and encourage budding artists to embrace this action-packed art form.

About The Artist

Irina Richards

Irina Richards is a Cambridgeshire-based manga artist, illustrator and art educator. She is the author of a two-volume graphic novel, Chemical Blue and an instructional book, Creating Manga Characters. Irina has led manga and comic workshops at numerous venues and was an Artist in Residence at SPINE Festival in London in March 2019.