Have you ever wanted to improve your Manga drawing skills? Perhaps you’d like to develop your Manga storytelling abilities or wondered how to create the perfect Manga character? This is your chance to work with a professional Manga artist, from the weird and wonderful team at Sweatdrop Studios, to learn insider secrets and master the art of Manga.

Sweatdrop Studios has been creating original comics and artwork for over 15 years and its team includes professional illustrators and writers with numerous accolades and awards in the comic industry. In this event, artist and illustrator, Ruth Keattch, will be on hand to give you all the advice you need to hone your craft.

About The Host

Ruth Keattch

Ruth started her life as an illustrator during her teens, when anime and manga had really captured her imagination. Instead of maths, Ruth filled her workbooks with Sailor Moon! 15 years later she now works for Neo Magazine and Sweatdrop teaching illustration across the country. Ruth also produces her own comics, as well as working as a full-time illustrator/designer who loves to share tips and tricks with anyone with ears and a love of drawing!