Artist, sculptor and costumier Morwenna Catt invites you to bring a little Manga style into your life with this fun hands-on workshop. All you need is some imagination and a rummage through the recycling box!

Using recycled materials and junk, you’ll design and build your own 3D Manga characters, transforming old drinks cans and plastic bottles into heroes, villains and colourful creatures using paints, fabric, glue and marker pens. You’ll then bring your new characters to life using the expressive lines and cartoon techniques that are the trademark of graphic novels and anime films.

Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment!

About The Artist

Morwenna Catt

Morwenna Catt is a visual artist, designer and lover of all things textile. She often works with literary themes, creating three-dimensional creatures embroidered with lines of poetry and symbol. Morwenna is the creator and artist behind Bradford Lit Fest’s family craft workshops which take place in City Park each year and which are enjoyed by children and parents alike.