More than 60 years have passed since the Partition of India and yet its impact can still be felt decades later. After months of civil unrest, many families were forced to leave their homes and start new lives elsewhere as the division of British India into India and Pakistan took hold.

Retelling the life of her mother, Dip Singh, barrister and human rights lawyer Marina Wheeler’s The Lost Homestead spans chaos, new beginnings, migration, neighbourhood and identity.

By speaking to her Indian family and conducting extensive research into both India and Pakistan, Wheeler shares a story that feels all too pertinent to the fractured world we find ourselves in today.

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About The Author

Marina Wheeler

Marina Wheeler is an Anglo-Indian, London-based barrister specialising in constitutional and human rights law. She was made Queen’s Counsel in 2016 and also teaches mediation and conflict resolution. She writes regularly for the UK Human Rights Blog as well as national newspapers, usually on legal subjects.

About The Chair

Peg Alexander

Peg Alexander is a double award-nominated TV and radio presenter, event host, speaker and occasional writer. She came to broadcasting after over 20 years in campaigning, public policy, charities and regeneration, with a short spell in national politics.