The act of women owning the narrative of their sexuality remains a vital step towards becoming an honest, sex-positive society. In their memoirs dealing with desire, pleasure, and sexual freedom, Lucy-Anne Holmes and Stephanie Theobald explore political and personal aspects of female sexuality through astute, often hilarious observations.

Holmes’ Don’t Hold My Head Down frankly discusses her journey into self-love and empowerment through sex, while Theobald’s Sex Drive details a road trip in which she gets back into touch with her sexuality, with support from an array of heroic women.

In this conversation, both authors discuss women-authored sexual narratives and the way female pleasure is so often politicised.

About The Authors

Lucy-Anne Holmes

Lucy-Anne Holmes is an author and activist. Her latest book, Don’t Hold My Head Down, is a memoir about finding feminism through sex. She also founded the successful No More Page 3 campaign and her last novel won the RNA Rom Com of the Year award 2015.


About The Chair

Peg Alexander

Peg Alexander is a double award-nominated TV and radio presenter, event host, speaker and occasional writer. She came to broadcasting after over 20 years in campaigning, public policy, charities and regeneration, with a short spell in national politics.