Migration has become one of the most divisive topics of recent years. Adopted by the Brexit party to cultivate a supposed ‘crisis’, this questionable message felt strangely at odds with the countless images of brave migrant frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With Britain on track to become more ethnically diverse in the coming years, we’ve gathered a panel of media commentators to look at just how British Britain really is, and ask whether a national impression of British identity is still appropriate as cultures and communities continue to cluster.

By looking to the past and into the future, this thought-provoking discussion aims to explore how the movement and displacement of people have come to define the cultural conversation – and our collective future.

About The Speakers

Paul Mason

Paul Mason is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster, and film-maker. Previously economics editor of BBC Newsnight and Channel 4 News, his books include Clear Bright Future, PostCapitalism, a Sunday Times top ten bestseller, Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere; Live Working or Die Fighting; and Rare Earth: A Novel.

Yasmin Qureshi

Yasmin has been the MP for Bolton South East since 2010 and serves as Shadow International Development Minister, responsible for overseeing the government’s aid agenda in Asia, the Commonwealth, and on Gender Equality worldwide. She is leading campaigns in Parliament on the damaged caused by pregnancy drug Primodos, the Uyghur community in Xinjiang and the representation of religion in the media. From 2017- 2020 she served as Shadow Justice Minister. Before becoming an MP Yasmin was a Barrister and worked for the UN Mission in Kosovo.

About The Chair

Aaqil Ahmed

Aaqil is the former Head of Religion and Ethics at the BBC and Channel 4, delivering many award-winning programmes, including The Life of Muhammad. He is also Professor of Media at Bolton University, Non-Executive Director of the Advertising Standards Authority and a consultant in Television production, communications and diversity.