Practicing mindfulness allows us to make better choices and remain in control of our lives, all the while maintaining reasonable stress levels and letting go of unnecessary anxiety. Teens can join this workshop focused on day-to-day positivity and finding inner strength in order to harness creative power towards meaningful, fun projects.

Led by John Siddique, this workshop will focus on creating resilience and peace in an effort to build up participants’ senses of confidence and capability in the face of conflict. Join us as we work towards rewiring our brain and thought processes in order to create a happier, healthier mind-set that prepares us for life’s ups and downs.

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About The Speaker

John Siddique

John began his study of meditation at age 14. He offers encouragement, accessible practices, and wisdom to people from all walks of life. His guidance has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world, helping people to live their most authentic lives. John is the author of six books.