We’re living in an age of caped crusaders, arch villains and big-screen superheroes. Join Dr Miriam Kent as we delve into the Marvel multiverse and learn about the first Pakistani American Muslim superhero: Ms Marvel. 

In this session, you will learn how to write yourself into your favourite comic. What superpowers will you choose? 

Miriam will help you work out what is really important in a superhero, and how you can become one!

So grab your cape and join the BLF Avengers to fight for what is right!

About The Speaker

Miriam Kent

Dr Miriam Kent is Lecturer in Film and Media at the University of Leeds. Her research a focuses on Marvel superheroes and comic book adaptation. She has taught a wide range of Film and Media Studies courses and published on superhero media with a particular interest in identity and diversity. Her book, Women in Marvel Films, was published in 2021 by Edinburgh University Press.