“God is dead,” Friedrich Nietzsche proclaimed, and with that death went his belief in objective, absolute truth. This ambiguity left much for readers to ponder and Nietzsche went from being overlooked in his own lifetime to becoming one of the most prominent philosophical figures of the 20th century. The interpretations of his work have evolved and branched out, eventually leading to the recent alt-right hijacking of his teachings.

Join us at The Brick Box where you can grab a drink from the bar and settle in for a relaxed and informal discussion of all things Nietzsche. The event will be led by lecturer in philosophy, Lauren Ware, and philosopher and researcher of luck, Lee John Whittington.

About The Speakers

Lauren Ware

Lauren Ware is a Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Kent and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Her current work is in the philosophy of emotions, in particular the role emotions play in political and legal decision-making. She recently performed her research at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Lee John Whittington

Lee John Whittington is a philosopher based Edinburgh and a fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities. His research focuses luck, chance, and risk, and occasionally philosophy of emotion.