When it comes to writing sex, how is it that some writers get our pulses racing, whilst others leave us stifling a laugh? Even some of literature’s most prestigious names have been unsuccessful when putting pen to paper to describe the throes of passion.

In the world of erotic literature, sex can easily go from oh-so-right, to oh-so-wrong and all it takes is a misplaced word or badly considered sentence.

Our expert panel, made up of Frank Brinkley, spokesperson for the Literary Review’s now infamous Bad Sex in Fiction award, Mills & Boon Editor, Flo Nicoll, and erotic fiction author, Maya Blake, will join chair, Arifa Akbar, for a fascinating and enlightening discussion of how (and how not) to write bad sex.

About The Speakers

Maya Blake

Maya Blake’s dreams of becoming a romance author began when she picked up her first romance novel at 13. She currently writes for Harlequin Mills & Boon, and also writes erotic romance as Zara Cox. Maya lives in Kent with her family.

Frank Brinkley

Frank Brinkley is an assistant editor at Literary Review and the organiser and spokesperson for Literary Review’s annual Bad Sex in Fiction Award.

Flo Nicoll

Flo Nicoll is a Senior Editor for Harlequin Mills & Boon. She joined the company after finishing her literature MA, deciding to put her chronic addiction to romance fiction to good use.

About The Host

Arifa Akbar

Arifa Akbar is the Guardian’s chief theatre critic. A journalist for over twenty years, she is the former literary editor of the Independent, where she also worked as arts correspondent and news reporter. She has previously contributed to the Observer and the Financial Times. She is on the board of trustees for the Orwell Foundation and English PEN. Short pieces of her non-fiction have appeared in several anthologies. Consumed is her first full length book.