Social media and the fast-evolving news cycle have transformed journalism, bringing unprecedented opportunities for writers to chase down stories, contribute opinion and help keep people informed and entertained.

But if you want to take part, where do you start? Simple: right here.

Whether you’re new to writing or a seasoned hack, this workshop from multi-award-winning Guardian journalist, Yasir Mirza, will give you the tools to become part of the commentariat.

You’ll gain insights into the lifecycle of news, the phenomena of digital and citizen journalism and the vital differences between news, opinion and feature stories. Yasir will also offer tips on how to write opinion pieces and colourful features, how to hone your pitch and how to approach major publications.

About The Host

Yasir Mirza

Yasir is former head of diversity & inclusion and journalist at The Guardian, where he devised and ran citizen reporting/journalism training programmes with marginalised communities in Australia, India, South Africa, Brazil, USA, and Algeria.  He has presented for the UN, World Forum for Democracy, BBC, taught at Westminster University, and is currently a senior consultant at the Media Diversity Institute. Yasir is also an actor.