Set in 1946 in post-World War II Hamburg, The Aftermath tells the story of two families living together in a charged atmosphere of passion, betrayal, and love grown from hate. Author Rhidian Brook based the story on his own grandfather’s experiences in post-war Germany, and since it’s publication in 2013, the best-selling novel has been translated into 25 languages and adapted into a film starring Keira Knightley and Alexander Skarsgård, released earlier this year.

Brook will discuss the process of turning his novel into a screenplay and the particular challenges of writing with a cinematic audience in mind.

About The Host

Nick Baines

Nick Baines is the Bishop of Leeds. He’s an author (of six books), a broadcaster, blogger and tweeter (with 15K followers), and is a member of the House of Lords. He was previously Bishop of Bradford, Bishop of Croydon, and a Russian linguist at GCHQ (after reading German and French at Bradford University).

About The Author

Rhidian Brook

Rhidian Brook is an award-winning writer of fiction, television drama and film. His novels have been translated into 25 languages and adapted for screen. He has written screenplays for television as well as for cinema. He has been a regular contributor to Thought For The Day since 2000. He lives in London.