A fantastic double-bill of two generations of female Labour politicians. Harriet Harman’s recent autobiography, Harriet Harman: A Woman’s Work, explores 40 years of the political landscape, from civil liberties in the 1970s, through the dark days of the 1980s and into power in the 1990s.

During her time as a student and then again in Parliament, she has faced sexism and fought it all the way. Meanwhile the next generation, MP and author of Alice in Westminster, Rachel Reeves offers a fascinating insight into the life of Alice Bacon, the first woman to serve as MP for Leeds, elected in the Labour Landslide of 1945.

Chaired by Laura Beers, together these two inspirational women provide an unrivalled account of political life from a perspective that is still shockingly rare in modern British and global politics; that of the female politician.

About The Speakers

Rachel Reeves

Rachel Reeves is Labour MP for Leeds West and former Shadow Minister for Work and Pensions. Prior to her parliamentary career, she worked as an economist. She is the author of Alice in Westminster: The Political Life of Alice Bacon (published by I.B. Tauris in 2017).

Harriet Harman

Harriet Harman was elected as a Labour MP in 1982 to a House of Commons which was 97% male. Since then, she has been a fierce champion of women’s rights.  In 2007 Harriet was elected Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, and she has served twice as Acting Labour Leader, and is now the longest continuously-serving female MP.

About The Host

Laura Beers

Laura Beers is a fellow at the University of Birmingham. She research focuses on gender, politics and the left in Britain. Her most recent book, Red Ellen: The Life of Ellen Wilkinson, Socialist, Feminist, Internationalist was recently published by Harvard University Press.