The ‘postnormal’ or ‘postnormal times’ concept attempts to describe our present time, with all its turbulence, complexity and change. Author and cultural critic Ziauddin Sardar, who developed the concept, describes it as “an in between period where old orthodoxies are dying, new ones have yet to be born, and very few things seem to make sense”.

Join Ziauddin Sardar, consulting editor of ‘Futures’, and John Sweeney, deputy director of the Centre of Postnormal Policy & Futures Studies, for a walk through the postnormal world, where everything we have ever taken for granted and held to be ‘normal’ is now a thing of the past, be it our economic or political systems, the infrastructure of our cities or our perception of our own bodies. What does it mean for us all, and where do we go from here?

About The Author

Ziauddin Sardar

Ziauddin Sardar is a broadcaster and cultural critic. He has authored over 50 books, is consulting editor of ‘Futures’, chair of the Muslim Institute and Editor of ‘Critical Muslim’, a quarterly magazine of new thinking on Islam.


About The Academic

John Sweeney

John is deputy director of the Center for Postnormal Policy and Futures Studies at East-West University in Chicago and a PhD Candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He is a member of the World Futures Studies Federation, the World Future Society, and the Association of Professional Futurists and his work has been published in titles including ‘Futures’, ‘The Journal of Futures Studies’, ‘Ctheory’ and ‘Continent’.