He’s one of the best selling poets in America, with 1.7 million followers on facebook, the darling of Instagram influencers and has inspired celebrities from Madonna to Jay-Z. He’s also a 13th century mystic, variously described as a “Sufi”, “a Saint” and a “scholar”; less often as a Muslim whose very name Jalāl ad-Dīn Rūmī  – Rumi to many who know him today – means Glory of the Faith (Jalal-ad-Din).

Rumi’s epic poem The Masnavi, from which the internet one-liners spring, is also know as the Persian Qur’an. So who was Rumi and what were the sources of his inspiration? And is the poetry we love in English truly reflective of his message?

In this event Dr. Omid Safi from Duke University hosts our annual Rumi lecture, leading you to understand the man behind the message of transformation. This is a wonderful opportunity for those new to his work, as well as long-standing followers, to reacquaint themselves with the beauty that lies at the heart of Rumi’s poetry.

About The Speaker

Omid Safi

Omid Safi is a teacher in the Sufi tradition of Radical Love & Founder of Illuminated Courses & Tours. Omid is a professor at Duke University specialising in Islamic spirituality and contemporary thought. A leading Muslim public intellectual, Omid is committed to spirituality and social justice.  His most recent book is Radical Love.