Rooted in ancient spiritual practices, the benefits of meditation and mindfulness are now well established. As the mind becomes free of chatter, the body enters a deep state of rest, whilst stress and anxiety reduce, concentration improves and awareness deepens.

If you are maddened or muddled by meditation or mindfulness, or just curious, this workshop is for you! Join holistic healer, Shabnam Qasim, to learn simple techniques to quieten the mind, enjoy deeper relaxation and begin the journey to inner stillness.

This class is for beginners. You do not need any special equipment, nor do you need to be able to sit on the floor (you will either sit on a chair or stand). Wear comfortable clothes and avoid a heavy meal within the previous hour.

About The Speaker

Shabnam Qasim

Shabnam Qasim is a holistic healer and meditation leader working in Bradford.