The role of religion in the public sphere, particularly in political discourse, evolves constantly and, as it changes, its presence in global affairs prompts more and more questions.

How do we approach discussions on faith and secularism in a fraught, post-Brexit landscape, especially among so many conflicting worldviews? What are the roles of religious traditions and communities in a modern society, and how will they adapt to a rapidly changing populace?

Saba Zaman hosts this insightful panel featuring author HA Hellyer, secular activist Keith Porteous Wood and Bishop Toby Howarth, exploring religion’s position in society through the lens of current political and economic affairs.

About The Speakers

Keith Porteous Wood

Keith has campaigned for the NSS for 20 years, focussing on equality for all regardless of religion and belief. Some religious developments – sometimes promoted under the guise of promoting religious freedom – compromise cohesion and human rights. His work has taken him to UK and EU parliaments and the UN.

Dr HA Hellyer

Dr HA Hellyer, an author and scholar in international relations and religion, is Senior Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (UK) and the Atlantic Council (USA). He is also a visiting professor at the UTM Centre for Advanced Studies on Islam, Science and Civilisation, and a Senior Fellow at Cambridge Muslim College. 


Toby Howarth

Toby Howarth is the Bishop of Bradford. He studied at Yale University and trained for the Church of England in Oxford, Birmingham and Uganda, holds an MA in Islamic Studies from the University of Birmingham and has a PhD in Islamic preaching from the Free University of Amsterdam. He has worked in inter-faith relations and taught Islamic studies, and was once – briefly – a postman in London’s East End.

About The Host