The 2020 election will decide the future of America—and the rest of the world. With the rise of fascist attitudes and leftist movements, what does this mean for our increasingly polarised society?

Donald Trump has proven difficult to oust by his opponents, so who will be the frontrunners as the 2020 election approaches, and will there be a peaceful transfer of power?

Join Saeed Khan, Amy Pope and Erol Morkoç in this timely event as they discuss these questions as well as how mainstream attitudes to politics have changed as people become more politically engaged, and how populist movements may potentially affect this important election.

About The Hosts

Aaqil Ahmed

Aaqil is the former Head of Religion and Ethics at the BBC and Channel 4, delivering many award-winning programmes, including The Life of Muhammad. He is also Professor of Media at Bolton University, Non-Executive Director of the Advertising Standards Authority and a consultant in Television production, communications and diversity.


About The Speaker

Amy Pope

Amy is currently a partner at Schillings and an Associate Fellow at Chatham House. She previously served as US Deputy Homeland Security Advisor to President Obama at the White House, as a senior official and trial attorney at the US Department of Justice, and as counsel in the US Senate.