From the ancient Egyptians to Pinocchio and peg dolls, wooden toys made by craftsmen and used by storytellers have a long and magical history.

A fifth generation master storyteller who learned at the feet of traditional Romany and West Country masters, woodcarver Richard O’Neill brings this magic to the Bradford Literature Festival. See him craft a brand new toy, talk about the process and tell his amazing stories while he does it. Find out about a whole range of amazing characters like the Truglies© and Branch Buddies©.

Richard is an award-winning storyteller and woodcarver. His combination of original stories and woodcarving makes for a fun and imagination filled journey through the history of craftsmanship and storytelling that will enthral the whole family.


About The Author

Richard O’Neill

Richard O’Neill is a multi-award-winning storyteller, author and playwright born and raised in a large traditional nomadic Romani family, whose history in England and Scotland goes back hundreds of years. Richard continues the tradition of travelling across the UK and mainland Europe, delivering storytelling sessions and storytelling skills workshops at schools, libraries, festivals, universities and theatres. He has a particular interest in using literature to promote inclusion and social mobility.