Twins Matt and Luke Goss formed the band Bros in 1986, winning themselves a huge teenage fan base with pop hits like ‘When Will I Be Famous?‘ and ‘I Owe You Nothing‘, and going on to become the youngest band ever to headline Wembley.

After three albums, the band split up in 1992 and Luke pursued a successful acting career, while Matt took his music solo. After the Screaming Stops is the affectionate and funny (and three times BAFTA-nominated) documentary that became an instant cult-classic when it first aired earlier this year.

Take a look back stage at the brothers’ tense and fractured relationship, along with their ambitious London reunion and comeback trail, followed by a Q&A with Luke Goss himself.

About The Speaker

Luke Goss

Luke Goss is an established screen actor who has featured in a number of films. From Guillermo Del Toro’s supernatural action feature Blade II, to The Man with Samuel L. Jackson, to the U.S box office hit Traffik. His role in Universal’s Hellboy II: The Golden Army earned him two MTV Movie Award Nominations.