Salvaged shipwrecks, prison breaks, tyrannical excisemen: The Secret Diary of Kitty Cask proves that history is anything but dull.

In this tale of 18th century bootlegging and intrigue, author Philip Ardagh takes readers on plot-twisting adventures that leave Kitty in the thick of the action, with her shrewd mind getting her out of all kinds of scrapes and surprises.

Join Ardagh for this exciting storytelling event, where he separates fact from fiction and gives kids the chance to dress up in smuggling costumes and act out scenes from the book.

About The Author

Philip Ardagh

Philip Ardagh is the Roald Dahl Funny Prize-winning author and was described as “having invented his own style of storytelling” by Michael Rosen and as “a national treasure” by The Independent. He’s written over 100 books, been translated into around 40 languages.