Join Jumana Moon and discover the treasure box of Seerah stories, exploring the life and times of Prophet Mohammed from his childhood to old age.

We will travel to a time long, long ago to the Arabian desert towns of Makkah and Medina.

Find out about the tale of two mothers, the first revelation in the Cave of Hira, the incredible night journey, the weeping palm tree, and how a tiny little spider made a great big difference. We’ll also hear about many of the other people, animals and plants who were all important in his life as we sail across the sea of stories.

About The Author

Jumana Moon

Jumana is a traditional oral storyteller with a particular love of stories from Islamic tradition. She tells stories in schools, at festivals, museums and community events across the UK and beyond. She believes that story and creativity are essential for our lives & communities, for both children and adults.