The success story of innovative graphic novel publisher, SelfMadeHero, is one to behold and, in this event, one to be explored by a fantastic panel of comic creators. 

SelfMadeHero specialises in adapting works of literature for comics, which include Manga Shakespeare and Eye Classics and reworkings of old favourites, including Pride and Prejudice and The Picture of Dorian Gray

Join our panel: Charlotte Bailey, Calico N.M., Asia Alfasi and Woodrow Phoenix as they  discuss the recent SelfMadeHero original anthology Catalyst. A collection of stories from a range of established and emerging artists of colour from across the UK, the anthology imagines the myriad of ways in which a chain of events might lead to either euphoria or catastrophe – and sometimes both. 


Logo for Charlotte Bailey

Charlotte Bailey

Charlotte Bailey is a Birmingham-based cartoonist, whose work explores Black British heritage and potential futures. She has published, edited and collaborated on a range of zines and journals, and wrote episode two of the sci-fi webcomic Planet DIVOC-9. An associate of the international graphic novel forum LDComics, she has hosted workshops with Afrofutures UK. Her work has been widely exhibited, including at the Angoulême Comics Festival and London’s Cartoon Museum, and was published in the celebrated anthology The Inking Woman. 

Logo for artist Calico N.M.

Calico N.M.

Calico N.M. is a comics artist, illustrator and animator, and is currently studying at Kingston University London. Born in Egypt and now living in the UK, they have created a number of small, self-published zines and webcomics, as well as being featured in community-based illustration anthologies under the pen name Neomints.

Logo of Asia Alfasi

Asia Alfasi

Asia Alfasi is an award-winning British Libyan graphic novelist. Born in Libya in 1984, she spent her formative years first in Tripoli, and then in Glasgow, Scotland, after migrating there with her family. Upon discovering and falling in love with comics and manga, she realised their immense potential for humanising issues and bringing the plight of often marginalised peoples to the fore and therefore furthering understanding. Ever since, she has represented the Muslim and Arab voice through her work with the ultimate aim of harnessing the medium as a tool for cross-cultural dialogue. 


Logo for artist Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Phoenix

Woodrow Phoenix is a writer, artist and graphic designer based in London and Cambridge. His work has appeared in national UK newspapers, in magazines and comics collections internationally and in television projects for Walt Disney and Cartoon Network. His books include the critically acclaimed Rumble Strip and Crash Course, the award-winning anthology Nelson and the experimental She Lives, a gallery installation that is also a graphic novel. Woodrow is a Visiting Lecturer in Graphic Novels at Middlesex University.