This is the enthralling story of an extraordinary woman. In 1876 Sophia Duleep Singh was born into royalty. However, she transcended her heritage to devote herself to battling injustice, inequality and, above all, the fight for female suffrage.

Respected journalist Anita Anand presents her new book ‘Sophia: Princess, Suffragette, Revolutionary’, a meticulously researched and passionately written account of the rise of women and the fall of empire that introduces a unique individual and her part in the defining moments of recent British and Indian history. She discusses the book and her remarkable subject with critic Jodie Matthews.

About The Author

Anita Anand

Anita Anand has been a radio and television journalist for almost twenty years. She is the presenter of Any Answers on BBC Radio 4. During her career, she has also presented Drive, Doubletake and the Anita Anand Show on Radio 5 Live, and Saturday Live, The Westminster Hour, Beyond Westminster, Midweek and Woman’s Hour on Radio 4. On BBC television she has presented The Daily Politics, The Sunday Politics and Newsnight.

About The Academic

Jodie Matthews

Jodie is an academic and critic specialising in 19th-century literature and culture and the ways in which we interpret texts from that period. She is a proud feminist and left-winger, and firmly believes in research and writing that is politically aware and engaged.