Spoken-word poetry is an exciting mix of performance art, storytelling, and wordplay, and for many it’s a platform through which they can fully express themselves, their ideas and opinions.

In this workshop, learn the basics of performing spoken-word poetry, including selecting material, projecting your voice, using a microphone, and dynamic body language.

Led by performer, writer and broadcaster Kate Fox, this event will help you unlock your voice using games, exercises, and even musical elements, and soon you’ll find yourself ready to take the stage, sharing your words with the world.

About The Speaker

Kate Fox

Kate Fox is an accomplished stand-up poet and performer. She has performed widely on BBC1, BBC2, and Radio4, including two series of her show, The Price of Happiness. She has been Poet in Residence for the Great North Run and Glastonbury Festival, ‘Where There’s Muck, There’s Bras’, remembers the lives of important and pioneering Northern women.