Do you have an aspiring witch or wizard in your family who’s curious to learn about magic? Then they won’t want to miss this enchanting storytelling and trivia session with Ursula Holden Gill.

Get ready to delve deep into the wizarding world with all kinds of fun facts and obscure stories about the curious world of magical spells, broomsticks, and the occasional talking cat.

At this event, we’ll find out why wizard professors are so boring and who helped set up an oh-so famous wizarding school. We’ll even figure out which witch is the most adept shape-shifter. Uniforms optional. Imaginations compulsory.

About The Speaker

Ursula Holden Gill

Ursula Holden Gill is a West Yorkshire based Storyteller who frequently travels across Britain and beyond with her work. She caters for all sectors; public and private, young and old alike, and in 2012 was voted Best Newcomer at The British Awards for Storytelling Excellence.