Batty about Batman? Silly for Spiderwoman?

Then join storyteller Ursula Holden Gill for an awe-inspiring session of Superhero Stories sure to stimulate imaginations with stunning characterisations, great agility, and jaw-dropping acts of fearlessness. Fly along (in your mind, at least) with your favourite caped crusader as they save their towns and loved ones from disaster and defeat their dastardly foes, ensuring that the world is a better and just place thanks to their incredible feats of strength!

This fun session, filled with exciting tales of bravery, courage, and grit, is perfect for any kid who wants to find the superhero within themselves.

About The Speaker

Ursula Holden Gill

Ursula Holden Gill is a West Yorkshire based Storyteller who frequently travels across Britain and beyond with her work. She caters for all sectors; public and private, young and old alike, and in 2012 was voted Best Newcomer at The British Awards for Storytelling Excellence.