We all love to dream big and during this fun, interactive and inspirational workshop, you’ll learn how to create strong characters with out-of-this-world superpowers that can make even the loftiest goals a reality!

To aid you on your journey, you’ll be accompanied by Priscilla Mante, an acclaimed author whose books Jaz Santos vs. the World and Charligh Green vs. the Spotlight each feature stories of inspiring young women who embark on adventures and dare to follow their dreams. 

The perfect mix of positivity and creativity, this one’s sure to energise your imagination!

About The Author

Headshot of author Priscilla Mante

Priscilla Mante

Priscilla Mante is a London based author who writes stories for adults and children about brave girls with the courage to dream. She is the author of the Dream Team, a children’s book series about friendship, football and following your dreams. Her debut Jaz Santos vs the World was shortlisted for the East Sussex Children’s Book Award 2022 and was the Rocketship Bookshop Book of the Year in 2021. Charligh Green vs the Spotlight, the second title in the series, is out in May 2022.