No self-respecting superhero can be seen out and about saving the world without appropriate attire. In this workshop you’ll be able to create helmets, masks, or perhaps a useful accessory belt or wristband to suit your super alter ego. No sewing required – just imagination and enthusiasm.

Morwenna Catt is an internationally exhibiting artist and designer specialising in textiles, as well as working with theatres to produce structures, props and extravagant costumes. So who better to help you create the elaborate, death-defying costume for the superhero inside you, the one just waiting to get out?

Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment!

About The Artist

Morwenna Catt

Morwenna Catt is a visual artist, designer and lover of all things textile. She often works with literary themes, creating three-dimensional creatures embroidered with lines of poetry and symbol. Morwenna is the creator and artist behind Bradford Lit Fest’s family craft workshops which take place in City Park each year and which are enjoyed by children and parents alike.