What could possibly connect crawling through a jungle and working through your to-do list? What can ejecting out of a stealth bomber teach you about the importance of thinking the worst? What can surviving in extreme situations teach us about surviving everyday life?

John Hudson, chief survival instructor to the UK military, is a man who knows what it takes to survive. In How To Survive: Lessons For Everyday Life From The Extreme World, Hudson combines first-hand experience with 20 years of studying the choices people have made under extreme pressure, offering a lifetime’s worth of wisdom about how to apply the principles of survival to everyday life. Hudson will explain how the cornerstone of surviving anything is understanding the relationship between effort, hope, and goals.

About The Speaker

John Hudson

John Hudson is the UK military’s chief survival instructor, whose specialist work takes him to some of the most remote and extreme environments around the globe. A former RAF helicopter pilot, John is the Chief SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance & Extraction) Instructor, and an elected Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.