Recommended for Key Stage 1 (ages 5+)

Bradford author Susannah Lloyd and illustrator Paddy Donnelly talk about their brilliant picture book Here Be Dragons, introducing us to its characters and challenging children to create their own characters. This session includes a special storytime with Susannah and draw-along led by Paddy.

To download an education pack with resources for this event, click here.

If you have enjoyed this film, why not try these activities:

  • Design and draw your own dragon.
    • Does it look like a snake with wings, or like a big lizard?
    • Does it have a tail and a long neck? Or does it have six tails or no tail at all?
    • Does it have a wide mouth with big and dangerous teeth, or no teeth at all?
    • Does it have horns, spikes and hair?
    • Is it all one colour or multi-coloured?
    • Can it fly?
    • Does it breathe fire, ice, or something else?
    • Does it have special powers? What are they?
    • Does it live in a cave, or somewhere else?
    • What does it like to eat?
    • Are there particular things it likes/doesn’t like? Or is frightened of?
    • What is it called?
  • Make and decorate a shoebox home for your dragon.