Saadat Hasan Manto was a deeply controversial and prolific writer. Tried for obscenity six times, equally in India and Pakistan, his portrayal of love and relationships between men and women was deeply challenging, as was his relationship with his contemporaries and the state.

As Manto said: “I am not a pornographer but a story writer.”

Even though he died in 1944, Manto remains one of Urdu literature’s greatest writers. Now, his work can reach a wider audience through Nasreen Rehman, who has translated his stories in a new three-volume set. Authorised by the Manto family, this collection includes short stories, essays, screenplays and more that have never been translated into English before. An award-winning author, screenwriter, and translator, Rehman will be in conversation with Mujahid Eshai, author of More Manto.


This event is funded by Amal.

About The Speaker

Mujahid Eshai

Mujahid Eshai is a chartered accountant, educationist, translator, op-ed writer, stage and tv actor. His published and unpublished works cover eighteen Urdu prose and humour writers of Pakistan. Since 2012, four of his translations have been published.

About The Chair

Madiha Ansari

Madiha is a freelance writer, theatre practitioner, community liaison and Arts Coordinator with a special interest in developing South Asian engagement towards the arts. As a co-founder and youth engagement officer of the Yorkshire Adabee Forum, she headed the first national theatre tour of Pakistans leading digital content creators.