Tea, the ubiquitous drink, a British institution with a global heritage.

Where does tea come from? What is the secret behind the global popularity of the drink that originated in the Far East? These are some of the questions answered by Beverly Wainwright, an expert who grows tea in Scotland and has spent over seven years in the tea plantations of Sri Lanka. This engaging talk will be followed by a mindful tea preparation and tasting exercise, before a fifteen-minute musical interlude which translates cultural, historical, social and culinary nuances of tea into music.

Join Dewsbury-based international company MANASAMITRA as they launch Teahouses, a new project showcasing the work of Supriya Nagarajan, Duncan Chapman and James Cave.

About The Speaker

Supriya Nagarajan

Carnatic vocalist and director of Manasamitra, Supriya Nagarajan works nationally and internationally with artists from a range of genres, creating new musical vocabularies. She has worked with Ben Castle, Shri Sriram and Duncan Chapman and is developing new work with Scandinavian partners, including the Ultima Contemporary Music Festival in Oslo.