The 20th Century was dominated by America, which emerged from the cold war struggle with the USSR as the sole super-power. However, while Russia is resurgent under Putin, there is now an isolationist mood in the States. With China vying with America to dominate world trade and development, is the American century coming to an end?

Geo-politically, China already looms large among us. And whilst the country appears set to overtake the United States as the largest national economy, a position it hasn’t held since the 1800’s, questions remain about its imminent arrival. With the rise in Chinese imperialism and economic initiatives such as Belt and Road, what might this mean for the rest of the world?

Our panel, which includes Astrid Nordin, Xinran Xue, and Gregory B. Lee will discuss China’s complex journey towards becoming the world’s top superpower.

About The Host

About The Speakers

Gregory Lee

Gregory Lee is an academic, writer, and literary translator who has lived and worked in Britain, the USA, China and Hong Kong. He is Professor of Chinese and Transcultural Studies at Lyon University in France. His most recent book is China Imagined: From European Fantasy to Spectacular Power (Hurst, 2018).

Astrid Nordin

Dr Astrid Nordin is the Director of Lancaster University China Centre. Her research interest falls in the intersection of contemporary Chinese politics and international relations. Nordin is particularly interested in the contemporary deployment of concepts drawn from Chinese history.