Dom Joly may be famous for shouting into a giant mobile phone, but his staggering career has also seen him work as a diplomat and a political journalist, with close ties to his home city of Beirut.

Dom spent 18 years oscillating between his English boarding school and his war-torn home but, in adult life, rarely returned to Lebanon until he found the Lebanon Mountain Trail: a gruelling, 30-day hike that runs all the way down the country’s vast, alpine spine.

Join us for this incredible conversation with Dom, where he explains how he celebrated his 50th birthday with two friends in the wild altitudes of the most important geopolitical region of our time.

About The Author

Headshot of actor Dom Joly smiling by a window

Dom Joly

Dom is a former diplomat and political producer turned columnist and award-winning travel writer whose books include The Dark Tourist and Scary Monsters and Super Creeps and his latest book The Downhill Hiking Club: A Short Walk Across the Lebanon. Dom Joly is also a multi-award winning British comedian, performer and writer, best known for his smash hit hidden camera series Trigger Happy TV. Dom’s other comedy television credits include This is Dom Joly, World Shut Your Mouth and Fool Britannia.

He recently brought back an updated and brand-new series of Trigger Happy to huge acclaim for All4 and Channel 4 and is developing a Trigger Happy feature film. He also makes TV travel shows including Dom Joly’s Happy Hour and Dom Joly’s Excellent Adventure in which he respectively travelled the world drinking too much and went on a mammoth road trip through the Lebanon and Syria. His most recent series “How Beer Changed The World” sold to 59 countries. His Audible Original travel book Such Miserable Weather: Dom Joly’s Big English Staycation was released last year and a special physical edition has just been published available from where you can also book tickets for his tour Dom’s Joly’s Holiday Snaps: Travel and Comedy in the Danger Zone. Amazon Audible have also released two of his hit podcast Earworm. He is currently researching a book called The Conspiracy Tourist which will be published in 2023. He is as an ambassador for Save the Children.