Imam al-Ghazali’s systematic approach for developing character came from his magnum opus, the Ihya Ulum al-Din (Revival of the Religious Sciences), and has a strong focus on the purification of the heart.

The Fons Vitae Ghazali Children’s Series provides authentic, quality guidance for children of all ages at a time when their values are being formed. Created as an educational package, which includes beautifully-produced children’s books for parents and teachers, it offers a creative, enjoyable and spiritual supplement (or alternative) to standard Islamic Studies curricula.

Join us and an informed panel where Mustafa Gouverneur, associate director of Fons Vitae, Adeeba Ahmed, manager of an Islamic Sunday school and online academy which teaches the Ghazali Children’s Series, and project tutor Mohammed Isaaq will discuss the impetus behind the series, how it can be utilised and the many benefits it offers.

About The Authors

Headshot of Mustafa Gouverneur

Mustafa Gouverneur

Mustafa is the associate director of Fons Vitae publishing (, which publishes books on Islamic spirituality. He is also a documentary film director at Ten Thousand Films (, a media production company based in the US and UK. Mustafa has worked in film internationally for 20 years and directed a number of feature length documentaries in addition to The Blessed Tree. He studied Middle East Studies at the University of Cambridge and Law at SOAS, University of London.

Headshot of Adeeba Ahmed

Adeeba Ahmed

Dr Adeeba Ahmed is the founder and Director of The Hub Club (Solihull), a model pilot school for the Ghazali Children’s Project. She has also pioneered a brand new program – Radiant Hearts Online  – the first global online school for the Ghazali Children’s Project.

Adeeba has a PhD and is a Cambridge qualified hospital consultant as well as being mum to two fully fledged Ghazali children. Somehow she finds time to crochet too.

Image of Mohammed Isaaq

Mohammed Isaaq

Mohammed Isaaq has been a teacher of the Hub Club Ghazali Project since its inception focusing on older children and teens.

He is the founder and principal instructor at Claritas Universal and the Knowing Yourself personal development programmes. He graduated in Engineering, and completed his Postgraduate studies in Education, fulfilling his passion to become a Mathematics teacher. He furthered his education in various sciences including branches of philosophy, theology and language studies in Jordan and Yemen, and studied with the college of Medicine and Healing Arts furthering his specialism of behavioural intelligence through the science of the temperaments. Mohammed has also led and delivered a number of successful youth projects at a local and national level in the UK.