Are you ready for a journey across Britain like no other? Strap in for a truly unique experience.

The Inner Landscape of Beauty – a debut interactive performance of astrologer, poet and sound healer, Alison Dhuanna – is a soundscape of poetry and sacred instruments, including the Earth gong.

It is the story of a year of walking and travelling across Britain, written in Haiku poems inspired by John O’Donohue and the Haiku travel writer Basho. The journey unfolds in four chapters: an encounter with a blackbird, noticing the boat people, a journey to Lewis in the Outer Hebrides and a Lunar Eclipse Storm. Join us for a relaxing and beautiful sound healing session.

Chairs will be available to sit in, but if you would like to lie down for the sound journey, please bring a yoga mat or blanket and cushion along with you for this enrapturing fusion of acoustics with sacred instruments, voice and gongs. 


About The Host

Alison McCabe Headshot

Alison Dhuanna

Alison is an Astrologer, Poet and Sound Healer living in Hebden Bridge and has spent the past 5 years developing her sound healing with different Instruments and her own voice. Her sound creations are inspired by nature and many different traditions  from around the world communicating messages of peace and wholeness. She can be contacted at and has a facebook page Deepsong Astro Gong